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Name:Michael Aaron Hart
Birthdate:Oct 4
Location:Woodbridge Township, New Jersey, United States of America
Website:@ dreamlikenewyork

Michael Aaron Hart (nee Davison) grew up in a the New Jersey town of Woodbridge Township, about 30 minutes drive from New York City. He is the youngest child of the family with two older sisters, Georgette and Charlotte. He was always a bit of a quieter and shy kid, pretty unassuming and happy to blend in. He always had a decent bunch of friends which he grew up with from a young age and went right through school with, but was never quite sure what he wanted to do with his life. His grandfather was a mechanic and owned a garage in Woodbridge Township, and Michael always enjoyed spending afternoons after school with his grandfather, watching as he fixed all the cars. It was what made him half-heartedly decide to become a mechanic himself once he graduated high school, but the truth of the matter was, Michael hated getting greasy and dirty. He was always more clean-cut, neatly dressed, styled hair, and when he transitioned from school into his first job at his grandfather's garage, his heart was never in it.

He just rolled with it, though, entertaining the idea of going to college but never quite finding the drive to do it. When his grandfather retired and sold the garage after having some health issues, Michael took a job in New York at Kevin Lawson's garage, where he lasted all of three months before Kevin was telling him he sucked - jokingly of course. Kevin loved cars and mechanics, and he had spotted a mile off that Michael wasn't in it. It was when they got drunk one night and slept together, that Michael confessed the next morning that Kevin was right, but he had no clue what he wanted to do next. It was Kevin who told him to just do whatever he felt like because life was short, so Michael enrolled in ballroom dancing classes to help get him out of his shell a bit more (where he met Beau Watson) and took a random job as an office assistant to a then newly established fashion magazine called FABULOUS.

It was a couple of years later that the grapevine flamed with news that one of the magazine's owners, Paris Hart, was on the lookout for a new Personal Assistant now that the magazine had grown and flourished into a highly successful corporation. It sounded easy, but Paris had quite the reputation as being a fierce and particular businessman who didn't trust easily, and he was looking for someone who could manage his personal affairs now the company had grown beyond their expectations. Michael applied, and when it got down to him and one other girl, it was his competition who made the blatant error of bragging about her premature success and news got back to Paris, who dismissed her not only out of the running as his PA, but also from the company entirely for being a cheap gossip.

Michael scored the job, which is where he has been ever since. He and Paris worked easily together and he gained Paris' trust early on in the piece. Apart from Paris' sister, Gen, Michael is one person who knows a hell of a lot about Paris beyond the cool, calm and collected sassy gay bitch that he is. What Michael never anticipated was for him to develop a crush on his boss, but he admirably kept a lid on it for a long time. He even went as far as to lie to Paris, telling him he had a boyfriend, because he didn't want Paris to think he was a boring loser with no personal life to speak of whatsoever. He loves his job and Paris pays him extremely well, even offering to pay for Michael to do some courses but Michael still doesn't know what he wants to do. He's finding it harder and harder to deny his feelings, and now he has had to sit back while Paris has a secret affair with one of the guys from the new Australian boy band Electricks, Lance Valentine, whom Michael would never have a chance in hell of competing with.

Michael has a huge secret, though. One he has had to sit on for a few years now, since before he met Paris and Gen. He has an identical twin brother named Martin, who has been away at a place his family haven't been able to known for a period of time he couldn't reveal working for the Army's Special Forces. It's been tough for Michael being away from his twin but it safer and easier to just live as if Marty didn't exist rather than be faced with a whole lot of questions he couldn't answer.

Michael's tag @ +dreamlikenewyork is HERE

"It's just a little crush
Not like I faint every time we touch.
It's just some little thing
Not like everything I do depends on you."

- Crush, Jennifer Page

Michael is an original character, created for the PSL, [community profile] dreamlikenewyork. For RP and muse writing only. No infringement intended. Michael's PB is Brant Daugherty, who belongs to himself.

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